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Store Release Notes STudy

As a UX Research Intern at ServiceNow, I worked closely with product content and research to conduct an exploratory qualitative study into the rapidly growing servicenow store.
My Role
UX Research Intern
My Team
Michelle Takemoto — UX Research Manager
Nicole Dilley — Release Notes Manager
Kristine Chang — Senior UX Researcher
Parishrut Bhatia — Product Designer
project Duration
2 months
The ServiceNow Store is a rapidly expanding part of the ServiceNow platform. With it's rapid growth, I conducted indepth user interviews with customers and internal ServiceNow employees, literature review, and survey data to understand who uses the Store, why, and what their experience looks like.


Due to privacy concerns, I can't share this work in it's entirety publicly. If you would like to see this work in more detail please feel free to reach out to me at 97chaeeun@gmail.com. :)